February 2nd, 2005


Thursday Morning Music Quiz (eazy)

"I pulled in to Nazareth, was feeling 'bout half past dead...."

Good music for a mid-morning. Hrm.... I bet Hayseed Dixie could work up a good version of this song.

It's a fairly easy one, but if anyone wants to play, the first person to correctly identify the title and artist for the song I'm listening to right now can have a point.

[ETA: The point goes to yarbiedoll for correctly identifying the title and original artist (see comments for answer). Bonus points to both bodnej and yarbiedoll for various other pieces of trivia.]
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Social Security

The President is talking about Social Security during the State Of The Union Address right now. Specifically, he's talking about how to fix it. The following conversation ensued:
drmellow: You know how to fix Social Security?
yarbiedoll: Take it out back and shoot it.
I'm so proud of yarbiedoll; she said it much better than I was going to say it.

Now The President's talking about setting up personal retirement accounts. I already have two of those. One of them is called a 401(k). The other is called an IRA.

Where are the real conservatives? Every day that passes, I realize that I'm really more of a Libertarian.
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    The State Of The Union