February 18th, 2005



kimber is my hero today, as she alerted me to the fact that Vertigo is playing on TCM tonight at 8PM. Five points and a bonus point to kimber!

As I alluded to in my earlier post, Vertigo is the best Alfred Hitchcock movie ever. Another point gets awarded to estherchaya for recognizing the genius of Vertigo. Even though he didn't actually vote in the poll, repast gets a point, too, for explaining why Vertigo is the best, and also for mentioning Rear Window, another great. Unfortunately, I have to take a point away from tldz because he tried to convince me that The Birds is the best. Sorry, buddy, but The Birds is just too freaky. OK, I guess I should really give it another chance.

Hitchcock fans will be pleased to know that Psycho and Rear Window will also be playing on TCM this weekend. As they say, check your local listings for times. I'm also pleased to see that there are another few good movies on TCM this weekend, including a few from Steve McQueen. I set up the DVR.