March 4th, 2005



It's late. I'm late! I slept through my alarm and ended up missing an hour of my test window. Instead of getting in here at 2AM, it's 3AM. I hope I'll be able to run all four of my test plans before 6AM. I should be able to....

I've got two liters of Diet Dr. Pepper, a half of a salami, a book, and a fully charged iPod to keep me company. I had planned to bring my mandolin in, but I was in too much of a rush to get out the door.

Goin' Home

I'm on my way home again. Very productive testing tonight. I was actually busy enough post-processing the data that I didn't get any of my book read. I did drink all the soda, eat the salami, and listen to my iPod, though.

I'm giving blood in 5 hours!

The Boys Are Thirsty In Atlanta!

A few days ago, I was looking to pick up a copy of Personal Jesus with my free Pepsi iTunes code. I changed my mind and went ahead and picked up a differnt song. Any song about running beer across state lines is an essential for my music library.

First person to correctly identify the title and artist of the song I got gets a point. Bonus points are also available.