March 27th, 2005

Stained Glass - Resurrection

Phone Post: Rounds Complete

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“Hey Livejournal Friends, it's Dr. Mellow. It's about quarter til four in the morning. We just got finished doing our rounds. There were thirty people who were able to make it out to the Fairview Band. We played for about two hours throughout the neighborhood. From about 1:30 - 3:30 - riding through the neighborhood playing music for all of the people in the neighborhood who like to hear music at 2:00 in the morning. It was lots of fun, but of course I'm tired, like I always am. Anyway I think we're going to have breakfast in about a half an hour; until then we're just gonna hang out, relax...I might actually end up taking a little bit of a nap. But uh...I dunno, it's always neat, it's always neat at Eastertime when it's this early in the morning and we're doing all sorts of stuff to remind everyone of Jesus and his resurection. And that's pretty cool. Anyway, I hope everybody in Livejournal land is having a great evening, great morning, and I'll be in touch later.”

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Trumpet and Music

Rounds complete. I'm exhausted. There's a fourty-five minute break 'till breakfast. I might nap.
Stained Glass - Resurrection


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*I* am gonna go home and go to bed.”

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yarbiedoll, drmellow, and yarbiedoll's dad, immediately after the Easter Sunrise Service.

Happy Easter! The sunrise service is over. As usual, it was lots of fun and I'm tired. I'll be home and asleep in less than an hour. After spending all that time standing in the cold, I won't be surprised if tomorrow is a sick day....

When You're A Jet...

I woke up from my annual post-Easter nap to find West Side Story on the TV (TCM, I think -- there don't seem to be any commercials). That's pretty cool. I quite dig that movie. I also like the thought of gangs getting together to negotiate the terms of an upcoming fight, and even considering limiting the weapons available. I think that we'd live in a better country if more of the gangs behaved like that. And also if they sang and danced.

In other news, thanks to tawnyleona for the transcriptions for my phone posts from after Easter rounds were complete and after the Sunrise service. I wish there were a way to lock down a phone post to prevent further transcription attempts while retaining attribution for the person who gave the transcription, instead of saying "multiple users" or whatever it says.