July 4th, 2005


Visiting Family, Playing Hearts

Hearts Scorecard
Hearts Scorecard
The scorecard from tonight's hearts game. It's kind of hard to tell with this low quality picture, but the final score was: cohoon - 102, drmellow - 0, ccohoon - 99, yarbiedoll - 64.
I'm spending time visiting my family this weekend. Last night, I went to see ccohoon play in his band, Splintered Image. Today consisted mostly of a lazy day around the house and napping. After supper, however, my father, brother, wife, and I headed upstairs for a game of hearts.

This particular game of hearts was probably one of the most rousing games of hearts that I've ever played. We're talking about all sorts of excitement. The game probably lasted over three hours and, as is often the case when I get together with ccohoon, there was much talking of trash. I was playing well the first few hands, but I made a costly mistake at one point that started me on a downward spiral where I just kept picking up points. I couldn't seem to catch a break and it looked like I was going to easily be the first player go over a hundred.

Finally, when I had climbed all the way up to 97 points, I hit a break. That break came in the form of an assist from ccohoon, who engineered my receiving a trick that contained both the queen of spades (thirteen points) and the jack of diamonds (minus ten points). This was the only trick I took that in the hand, so I ended up netting three points, which brought me to exactly 100. With exactly 100 points, my score was reset to zero, so I quickly went from just about to lose to being over fifty points away from the next-lowest score.

It was a thing of beauty.

Once I was no longer about to lose, cohoon was sitting in the hot seat, with ccohoon close behind. yarbiedoll was in that no man's land of around 50 points. I was hoping that either or both of cohoon and ccohoon would get exactly one hundred and have their scores reset, too.

As it turned out, cohoon was going to try to run the last hand, but caught a bad break where he couldn't capture one of the early points but ended up capturing most of the rest. That put him over the top at 102. At 99, ccohoon was just one point shy of getting his score reset and yarbiedoll ended the game at 64.

After getting my score reset, I didn't pick up another point and ended the game at zero.

So I guess that makes me the best hearts player of the evening. Because the numbers don't lie.