July 13th, 2005


The Internet Archive Sued Over Stored Pages

Interesting article via Slashdot:
The Internet Archive Sued Over Stored Pages

Kailash Nadh writes "The Internet archive, which has been storing snapshots of millions of webpages since 1996 has been sued by the firm Harding Earley Follmer & Frailey, Philadelphia. The firm was defending Health Advocate, a company in suburban Philadelphia that helps patients resolve health care and insurance disputes, against a trademark action brought by a similarly named competitor. In preparing the case, representatives of Earley Follmer used the Wayback Machine to turn up old Web pages - some dating to 1999 - originally posted by the plaintiff, Healthcare Advocates of Philadelphia. Last week Healthcare Advocates sued both the Harding Earley firm and the Internet Archive, saying the access to its old Web pages, stored in the Internet Archive's database, was unauthorized and illegal."

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This will be an interesting case to watch. I'm especially interested in what happens to the Internet Archive since I use the Live Music Archive for my work on Radio DTB.

Lost Liberty Hotel Plans for Judge Souter's Home Move Forward

Heh. The Dakota Voice has an interesting article related to the recent Supreme Court decision in Kelo vs. City of New London:
Lost Liberty Hotel Plans for Judge Souter's Home Move Forward

Logan Darrow Clements, CEO of Freestar Media, LLC, is moving forward with plans to have the town of Weare, New Hampshire, take the home of Supreme Court Judge David H. Souter for development of a new "Lost Liberty Hotel."

As reported by Dakota Voice and others, Clements expressed interest in Souter's home after a Supreme Court ruling supported by Souter himself was made in "Kelo vs. City of New London," allowing city governments to take land from one private owner and give it to another if the government will generate greater tax revenue or other economic benefits when the land is developed by the new owner.

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It would serve him right if they were able to do it.