August 1st, 2005


Tar Heel Tavern XIII

My buddy Scott is hosting this week's edition of The Tar Heel Tavern (and included my story about the lady with the broken-down car).
The Tar Heel Tavern is the Blog Carnival of North Carolina bloggers. A blog carnival is a regularly compiled selection of blog-posts submitted by bloggers who either belong to a particular geographical region (e.g., India, Iraq, Balk ans, or North Carolina), or write on a particular topic (e.g., medicine, science, philosophy, history, religion, education, etc.), or regularly post photographs of animals (e.g, cats or dogs).
I hadn't heard about The Tar Heel Tavern until Scott mentioned it last week. It's nice to be introduced to other North Carolina bloggers, so I'll be continuing to check this carnival out.

GoRadio: I Won A Vacation

When I came back from Bele Chere last night, I was excited to find a message from Jeri Rowe on our answering machine. Jeri is the editor of Go Triad, the area's free arts and entertainment weekly. He is also half of the Jeri and Nicole Show on GoRadio, a weekly podcast that highlights local arts and entertainment news. It's a great companion to the Go Triad print edition -- I prefer the podcast since I typically can find time to listen to a podcast while I'm working and I can't always find time to go through the tabloid every week.

Last month, the folks at GoRadio were having a contest for a "Get Up & Go Vacation" -- they provide the lodging and the winner would be responsible for transportation, meals, etc. This seems to be the same vacation outfit that provided me with the vacation package I got when I bought the Rhino Liner for my truck -- Fairfield Resorts. It's associated with a time-share company, so they'll probably invite me to attend a time-share presentation, but I don't think they'll require it -- it wasn't a requirement when we used the one we had last year to go to Nashville. We'll have lots of options to choose from for the vacation, so I'm looking forward to scheduling another fun trip.

They announced that I was the winner on the most recent podcast (near the beginning, and again near the end), but I hadn't had a chance to hear it since the podcast wasn't available before we went to Bele Chere. I listened to it last night and they seemed to have a good time playing with my nickname, Dr. Mellow. Their engineer has even seen me driving around town, 'cause they commented on my vanity plate for my truck.

I'm no stranger to GoRadio -- they mentioned my own podcast back in show #8, when the Derek Trucks Band was coming to Greensboro and I had dropped them some email talking about the DTB show.

Anyway, GoRadio is a great podcast -- especially if you're local to the Triad area. I think Jeri will be calling me today or tomorrow to talk about the vacation I won, so they'll probably include a chat with me on this week's podcast. It should be fun!