August 3rd, 2005

Radio DTB

GoRadio Interview Complete

Just after lunchtime, I had my interview with GoRadio for the vacation I won from them. There was quite a bit of comedy involved with getting connected with them. Even though I had made efforts to be at a location where I could easily receive a call, forces of timing and poor cell phone coverage worked against me and we ended up playing a bit of phone tag before we finally hooked up. I chatted with Nicole from GoRadio for a few minutes -- as expected, they congratulated me for winning the vacation and we joked about them joining me for the vacation and taking GoRadio on the road. Nicole also thanked me for all the support I've given GoRadio from the beginning and asked me what other podcasts I listen to. I gave a shout-out to the other two music-related podcasts I listen to: Closet Deadhead and The Roadhouse.

Next, Nicole asked me about Radio DTB, so I had an opportunity to talk about my own podcast for a little bit. I think I did a decent job of talking it up, but like an idiot I don't think I actually mentioned the URL. I got an email from Jeri later in the afternoon and he said that he mentioned the URL in the lead-out from my interview, so at least there's that.

Finally, Nicole asked me about how I got the nickname "Dr. Mellow." I gave them the short version of the story, so even though I didn't mention bodnej by name, I gave him a little shout-out.

All in all, it was a fun interview even though I'm sure I sounded like a geeky dork. I'm looking forward to hearing how it comes out when they put the new podcast up on GoRadio in the next day or two.