August 8th, 2005


March Of The Penguins

From Slashdot:
Zinside writes "Yahoo News is running a story stating that March of the Penguins may become the No. 2 documentary of all time at U.S. box offices." From the article: "The film, which follows a pack of Emperor Penguins during an arduous mating season, had grossed $18.4 million by Wednesday and was poised to surpass the $21.6 million for Michael Moore's anti-gun documentary Bowling For Columbine. For 13 months, Jacquet and his crew braved Antarctic temperatures as low as 70 degrees below zero - and winds up to 150 mph - to capture astonishing images of thousands of emperor penguins engaging in a mating and child-rearing ritual that is nothing short of astonishing. The Penguins are a miraculous species, capable of extreme heroism, self-sacrifice, sorrow and unshakable love."
Yeah! I gotta go see that movie.
Radio DTB

GoRadio Interview Posted

I came home for lunch today and noticed that episode #25 of GoRadio was posted this morning:
In this week's episode, Brian Gray, executive director of the Carolina Theatre, drops by the studio to talk about the exciting new season at the Carolina. Also, Jeri and Nicole talk about the band scene in downtown Greensboro, place a call to Dr. Mellow and give a rundown of this week's headlines.
Ego-caster that I am, I haven't listened to the whole episode yet, but I fast-forwarded to the part where they interviewed me. That starts at about 48:56 and goes to about 55:10 (they also mentioned me at the beginning of the show, at about 2:33). As I suspected, I sound kinda dorky, but I don't sound as bad as I had feared I would. The audio quality for the whole episode of GoRadio is not nearly as good as they usually are -- it kinda sounds like everyone is underwater; I wonder if something went awry in the encoding process. I, of course, also made at least one notable error. I claimed that Derek Trucks is in his early 20's, when he is, in fact, 26. That may be early 20's to some folks, but mid-20's would have been more accurate. Still, even though I didn't actually explicitly plug my web address (, I think I did OK for my first interview. It was very kind of Jeri and Nicole to let me talk about my own podcast in what could have been just a quick phone call about winning their vacation contest.

If you want to hear the whole podcast, head over to GoRadio and check it out.