August 22nd, 2005



I want to listen to more jazz. Good jazz. Stuff like Coltrane and Davis. Not stuff like Kenny G.

My knowledge of jazz is limited to pretty much the "big names" that you'd hear in the mainstream. Like Coltrane and Davis. Over the past couple of months, I've been collecting some live Coltrane and Davis shows, which I've really been enjoying. But I want more. I want to expand beyond the "big names" into the wealth of good jazz that I know exists out there, but I don't know where to find.

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    Gates Of Eden - Bob Dylan & The Band - 1974/01/17: Charlotte
Johnny Cash

Ultimate Johnny Cash Box Set

Huge Johnny Cash fan that I am, I really would like to pick up my very own copy of The Legend, a limited edition box set that includes 5 CDs, a DVD, a lithograph, and a book. The problem is that it's $260 and I can think of *many* better uses of $260 right now than indulging my Johnny Cash fandom. There's a non-limited edition that just has 4 of the CDs. It's only $40, so it's more likely the one that I'll end up picking up in a few months.

But wow, the extras in the limited edition look nice. If anyone wants to be my suggar-daddy or -mommy, feel free -- it's on my wish list. ;-)