January 8th, 2006


Having Children

In recent years, I have found myself occasionally being asked one of two questions about my future. The first being related to my hopes to one day enter the professional ministry. The second related to having children. Interestingly enough, questions about having children don't usually come from family members, but instead from friends.

Today at church, the question was asked of me in perhaps the most amusing way I've ever been asked. One of my friends approached me after church and, after exchanging a few pleasantries, said, "Greg, I know it's none of my business, but I want you to know that we think that people like you should procreate."

It's good to know that there are people out there who think that the world needs a new generation of people like me.

ETA: It's also interesting to know that there seems to be a group of people interested in me procreating, as shown by her use of the word "we" instead of "I."
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Stained Glass - Teaching

Sunday School Recap: Psalm 94

I'm going to start keeping notes about Sunday School in my LJ. Hopefully, it'll help me document what we're doing, where we're going, and where we've been. It'll also help answer questions like "how long have we been studying the Psalms?"

Today, we talked about Psalm 94 and focused on the vengeful nature of God. That's a difficult way of looking at God, as we tend to want to talk about how God is merciful, compassionate, and loving instead of just and vengeful. We had some good discussion about it.

I distributed watchwords to the class. Everyone seems to enjoy that tradition.

I discovered three scrapbooks that must have been recently returned to the classroom -- there are pictures and clippings and other things all the way back to 1992. I thought it was pretty neat to find a note from January 5, 2003 (I don't know who wrote it) in the scrapbook mentioning that I was starting the tradition of watchwords for the class. The note also mentioned the failing health of several of our cornerstone members, who have since passed on.

I took an informal survey of what translation Bible people in the class use most often. I have a copy of most English translations of the Bible, and have taught out of most of them at one point or another. Inevitably, no matter what version I use in class, someone will mention to me afterwards that since it wasn't the version that they were using, they had a hard time keeping up. Every now and then, on the other hand, I get a comment about how neat it is to hear me read from one version while following along in another version. As I expected, the survey results indicated that the NIV was the most popular translation in my class. The RSV was represented a couple of times. A few people used the KJV. A couple of people liked The Message; most of them said they used it at home, though, using a different translation for Sunday School. "Life Application" was a popular choice, which for most people really meant NIV. There was one person with the NASB, which is what I used to use a lot. I think I might have to bring that one back out again.

All in all, it was a good class. I had prepared to teach on Psalm 95 also, but we ran out of time. I won't be teaching next week, so we'll dive into it in two weeks.
Stained Glass - Ascension

Church Recap

I'll probably do a better job of recapping Sunday School each week, but I'll see how I do with doing a church recap as well.

We sang some hymns that I enjoy: "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" and "Standing on the Promises."

The church received a new member today, a transfer member from a church in Georgia.

All of the scripture was from the New Testament: Matthew 7:21-28 and John 6:60-69.

The sermon was titled "The Power of Decisions." Rev. Thompson spoke about the different decisions we make every day, small and large, and how all of our decisions should be Christ-oriented.