January 23rd, 2006


Pet Peeve: Nouns Used As Verbs

One thing that I really hate is when people use nouns as verbs. Nouns are nouns and verbs are verbs. Don't mix them. It's just not right. In my experience, the most common source of this travesty occurs in church groups with the word fellowship. People, we are not going to "come to an event and fellowship." Perhaps we will "come to an event and share in some fellowship" or even "come to an event and experience fellowship," but we are not going to "fellowship" -- you just can't decide that a noun is a verb because you want to.

So, please stop. It hurts my head when you do that.

Sunday School Recap: Psalms 95 and 96

Yesterday, the Sunday School class discussed Psalms 95 and 96. The class seemed to really enjoy exploring several issues that these Psalms raised. As is often the case, we were able to talk about these Psalms in both historical settings and how we can apply them to our own, modern-day lives.

When I started teaching the Psalms, I really wasn't looking forward to it -- I thought we'd be going over a lot of the same territory forever. As it is, we'll probably be studying the Psalms until at least the end of 2006. The more we look at the Psalms, though, the more I enjoy teaching them. This class really is a blessing to me.

I hope the same thing happens with Proverbs, which I'm also not looking forward to teaching.

Church Recap: 3rd Sunday after Epiphany

I was tired for church, having been up late the night before (drove back to NC from MD) and having been up early that morning (Sunday School lesson prep), so I wasn't in the best of minds for worship. For that matter, I wasn't in the best of minds for teaching Sunday School, either.

We sang a song out of the auxiliary hymnal, #2130 -- "The Summons." I'm pretty sure it was the first time I've ever seen that song. It had a nice melody, apparently based on a traditional Scottish tune. I thought it might sound nice on my mandolin.

Rev. Howard preached a sermon titled "A Few Good Followers," based on the Scripture describing Jesus' call to his first disciples. It was a good sermon -- people were still talking about it tonight at Men's Group -- and I was impressed with the theological soundness and general accessibility of the message. As if often the case with sermons, this one included a "sound bite" to take away, and I liked it enough that I scribbled it in the margin of my bulletin: "Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." The main theme of the message centered around the thought that being a follower (of Christ) necessarily involves movement.

After church, many people went down to the Fellowship Hall, where we enjoyed lively fellowship (see, it's a noun!) and celebrated birthdays in what is known as the annual church-wide birthday party. It's a neat tradition that the church has been doing for a while -- basically an excuse to have a pot-luck. There was lots of yummy food, and lots of yummy cake. I went home full.