February 2nd, 2006


NYC to donate seized knockoff goods to Katrina victims

This looks like a great way to help people who were hurt by Katrina:
NYC to donate seized knockoff goods to Katrina victims

NEW YORK (AP) _ City officials have struck a deal that will allow thousands of pieces of clothing seized from apparel counterfeiters to be donated to Hurricane Katrina victims.

The knockoff versions of items made by Rocawear, Phat Farm and Nike are among millions of dollars worth of fake brand-name goods grabbed by police raids in the past two years.

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Hat tip to theevilhalf for the link.

Wired News: NASCAR in the Clouds

Starting in 2007, air races might be coming back:
NASCAR in the Clouds

It's being billed as the 21st century's newest and greatest sport: rocket-powered airplanes racing around a 2-mile-wide, 5,000-foot-high racetrack, blasting out 10-foot-long flames.

"The viewer experience will be unlike anything you've ever seen in motor sports," said Rocket Racing League CEO George Whitelaw at a press conference in New York this week announcing the league's first team. He should know; he's a two-time champion IndyCar team owner.

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Right now, it seems more like vaporware than anything else: only one of the ten teams have been formed, they're still trying to find some places to race, etc. If they can pull this off, though, I think rocket racing would be really fun.

Voting Problems In Congress

Thanks to bruce_schneier for pointing this one out:
Election Update: Do-Over on First Ballot

House Republicans are taking a mulligan on the first ballot for Majority Leader. The first count showed more votes cast than Republicans present at the Conference meeting. Stay with RollCall.com for updates.

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What? More votes cast than people present. This is not good. I'd really like to know how that happened.

Follow commentary about this in Schneier's blog.

ETA: According to a comment on Schneir's blog, "the issue was that a Puerto Rican delegate was allowed to vote on internal matters but not listed as a voting member, so there was one extra vote when all was tallied." OK, that might make sense, but they should really watch for that sort of thing.