March 12th, 2006


NASCAR Napping, Pie, And Stuff

Napping during the NASCAR race is a great, enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Really, I had intended on watching the whole race and catching up on some blogging this afternoon. I even configured the wireless network so that I can surf the net via my old laptop. Well, as it turned out, shortly after the green flag fell, so did my eyelids. I woke up in time to watch the last 30 laps. It looks like the race was a good one. My boy Denny Hamlin finished well, so I might have a chance in my fantasy leagues.

For one of the three birthday apple pies that she owes me, yarbiedoll prepared a Sara Lee frozen pie. It's really good, even though Sara Lee's corporate slogan ("Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee") bugs the heck out of me. I had a big slice after lunch, and I might just have a slice for supper.

The West Wing is back on tonight, which I'm watching now. Apparently, so is The Sopranos, but I don't have HBO anymore. Nor have seen any of the past several seasons anyway, so I wouldn't have cared about its return anyway. It's weird to watch new episodes of The West Wing, knowing that the actor who plays one of the main characters died a few months ago.

It's been warm recently. So much so that I don't think our furnace has kicked in for days. The days have been warm and the house seems to be doing a pretty good job of retaining the heat. If it keeps up like this, I'm going to have to switch it over to the air conditioner. With the exception of one month when we learned that it's really expensive to run the gas logs a lot, the new house has stood up to cold pretty well.

Speaking of the house, yarbiedoll's met with a landscaper about the retaining wall issue, and other landscaping topics. They seemed to have some good ideas about how to address the wall and the rest of our yard. Their estimate was a little higher than I expected (hoped), but it doesn't seem unreasonable. yarbiedoll will be talking with another landscaper later this week. It looks like we'll be able to move on implementing a solution pretty soon.

The allergies are starting to act up again. I first noticed that they were sneaking up on me last week and picked up a small pack of Claritin. I forgot to take a Claritin this morning, and I can tell that I should have. It's not bad, but it's there. I'll have to swing by the drug store tomorrow and pick up a bottle of generic Claritin to last me through the season.

Except for some church-related stuff that I'll write in a separate post, I guess this is about all the updating I had to do.

Church and Sunday School Happenings

At church today, our Associate Pastor informed the congregation that he'll be moving on to another charge this summer. In Ireland! Wow, that's really cool. A lot of people seem sad about his moving on, and in some respects, I am, too. But this is how it works for pastors in the UMC. Dave's been with our church for seven years and has really been good for us. He'll be gone for two years, at which time he'll return to the Western NC Conference. I bet a lot of people think that means he'll come back to our church, but I doubt that'll happen. Whatever the future holds for him, I wish him well.

I kind of wish that I was still on the Staff-Parish Relations Committee. I'd really like to see, first-hand, how the process of hiring a new minister works, especially since I'd like to be on the other side of that process some time.

We had a good Sunday School class today. After class, one of the members came up and told me how much she enjoys and gets out of the class. She said she especially appreciates the sense of humor I bring to the lessons. I've been really happy with the past several weeks -- mostly because I've taken more time for lesson prep. A big help has been the Accordance Bible software package. I've had Accordance for several years, but the small screen on the laptop made it more difficult to use than it was worth. Now that we've got the new computer, I started using Accordance again and remember how much I like it. The company that makes it has recently started a blog, which I also really enjoy reading.

Today's Sunday School lesson was Psalm 100 and 101.

The Red Cross

I'm catching up on my unread mail tonight. In my pile of mail was a letter from the Red Cross. They seem to really like the fact that I go donate blood often and am part of their "Members For Life" program. So much so, that they're going to send me a gift of my choice. I chose the baseball cap.

I love donating blood. Almost every time I go, they give me a T-shirt. Now, it looks like every year, they'll give me something like a baseball cap. Of course, there's the real cool thing that my blood can be used by people who need it.

I guess one day, they'll come up with a synthetic substitute for blood. There's probably someone working on trying to figure that out right this minute. That would be pretty cool.

Last Night I Dreamed - Blues Traveler - Straight On Till Morning