March 20th, 2006


Today's Walk

Today's walk was a lot like yesterday's: about 2.5 miles, about 45 minutes.

Note to self: It's cold in the morning, you probably want to wear a sweatshirt when you go for your walk. At least you wore that beaseball cap, that helped a lot.

Note to self: Take your allergy medicine before going for a walk, especially since you end up breathing hard by the end of your walk.

Monday Morning Chores

It's not even 0900 and I've already had a busy Monday morning. First, I got up a little after 0600 so I'd have time to take my daily walk before taking the truck in to the shop. The walk went well, but it was colder than I expected. I got back from my walk and yarbiedoll told me that she wouldn't be able to bring me back from the dealership because she was feeling pretty sick. I called the dealership and confirmed that they provided a shuttle, so that wasn't a problem. I headed on over and dropped the truck off for scheduled maintenance and to get that mirror replaced. I also asked them to give me an estimate on fixing the dent in the hood where a tree limb fell on it a while ago. I'm concerned that the paint will eventually flake off and rust will develop. He told me that since it was on the crease, not on the flat part of the hood, they wouldn't be able to just pop it out, but he'll get the body shop to take a look at it and get back to me. I hope it's not too much. There were three passengers in the shuttle van and I was the second one to be dropped off -- we went to the A&T bookstore first, and the third passenger lived a few streets up from me. So I was back home, ready to go to work, by 0830.

I've been inspired by madkawa lately, and pulled Rhonda back out for another ride to work. It's a little cold for that today, but the ride's only 3 miles, so no big deal. It is nice to be riding again. Note to self: Check the tire pressures, the front tire looks a little flat.

The Godfather

Tomorrow night, they are showing The Godfather downtown. I've been waiting for this one for a while, and I actually remembered ahead of time, so I definitely won't miss it. Who wants to come see The Godfather with us? Really, it's an offer you can't refuse. Maybe we'll even go to M'Coul's beforehand.