March 21st, 2006


Daily Walk Update

It's a raining today, so I skipped the morning walk. It looks like it might rain all day, so I'll probably not do the same walk I've done th past couple of days. Instead, I might take advantage of the four flights of steps at the office and walk up and down them for about a half hour.

I'm going to have to get me some new shoes. The shoes that I've been wearing the past few days are pretty old and tattered -- and they're causing my heel to go raw. I'll probably switch to wearing my hiking boots for a while. Once I convince myself that I'm going to keep up with the walking, I'll go get myself a better pair of shoes.

Daily Walk

I'm obviously not in good enough shape to incorporate any real stair-climbing into my exercise routine yet. Just a little more than five minutes' worth of climbing up and down the stairs at the office were enough for me today. It was probably about ten stories worth of up and down.

Even if it's raining, tomorrow's walk with be outside along the walking trail near the house.