March 28th, 2006


Daily Walk

I got up in plenty of time for today's walk. I did what I'm going to call the standard three mile circuit -- about three miles from my house to the Latham Park Greenway, the entire distance of the greenway twice, and back to my house. It's about three miles, and I spent about an hour doing it today. Using different socks definitely made a difference in my foot comfort. I haven't found my wicking socks yet, but I used a better quality sock than I was using in the past and I'm really happy with how my feet feel today.

I spent the time listening to podcasts (Tips From The Top Floor, Hometown Tales, and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!) and looking for good places to hid a geocache. I think I found a winner. I'll check it out some more on subsequent visits, as well as look for other good hiding spots.

Well, now it's off to shower and head out to work.

Tragic Domain Names

With the hat tip to a comment to a post in fraserspeirs' journal, I present Tragic Domain Names.

  • Who Represents? A database for agencies to the rich and famous:
  • Experts Exchange, a knowledge base where programmers can exchange advice and views:
  • Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island:
There are a few more, too....

No, I didn't check out any of the actual links. But I sure did laugh hard.

T-Rex Is Actually Right This Time

In all the time I've been reading Dinosaur Comics, T-Rex is usually full of crazy ideas. Today, he finally got it right when he posed (and answered) the question "Who would win in a fight, Superman or Batman?" Utahraptor's suggestion that Batman has "nappy times" was an affront to all that is sacred and holy in Batman mythology. Utahraptor's on my list, now. The last panel on today's comment had me laughing out loud.1

This comic is syndicated on LJ as dinosaurcomics and people tend to discuss each strip, so if you're itching for a Batman vs. Superman holy war, there's a place to go.

Just to clearly state my position, Batman would so much win that fight.

[1] I laughed out loud because I'm pretty sure I've spoken T-Rex's exact words, or a very close approximation of them, to some of my friends before, when talking about the same subject.