April 6th, 2006



I'm looking forward to seeing the Derek Trucks Band twice in the next few days -- tonight I'll be heading to Raleigh to catch them at the Lincoln Theatre and on Saturday, I'll be seeing them at the 9:30 club. I've only been to the 9:30 once -- to see Johnny Cash -- and I'm kinda looking forward to going back. I'm definitely looking forward to visiting with my parents and my brother (even if he's intentionally trying to annoy me) when we head to the DC area. We might even get in some geocaching while we're up there.

So, anyway, if you're in the Raleigh area and want to catch up with me at the DTB show tonight, let me know. If you're in the DC area and want to catch up with me at the Saturday night snow, let me know.

Drugs In The Water

Hat tip to meep:
Troubled Water -- Known known: Medicine in the Water. Known unknown: Bad for You?

Though surveys have detected over 80 pharmacological compounds in US waterways--including painkillers, blood-pressure and heart medications, birth control pills, anti-fungal agents, Prozac, Viagra, anti-seizure medications, steroids, nicotine byproducts and antibiotics—whether this actually means anything is a mystery. "Little is definitively known," says the EPA, "regarding any real hazard posed by trace concentrations."

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And like meep says, there's pretty much nothing that can be done about it since it's the usual "going through the human body" process that brings it into the water.

Wikipedia Meme

Stolen from kimber:

Go to Wikipedia, enter in your birth date but not the year. List three neat facts, two births and one death, include the year.

I couldn't narrow the interesting deaths down from George or Dinah, so I included both.
Radio DTB

Voice Post: Dr. Mellow Meets Some Of His Fans

324K 1:33
“Hey, everybody, it's Dr. Mellow. I'm here at the Derek Trucks show. It hasn't started yet -- it'll start probably in about an hour or so, but I gotta tell you a story. The weirdest thing happened while I was waiting in line to come in. I was standing here talking to a couple of my friends -- T-Bone showed up -- and we were just chatting about stuff in general -- shows we've seen and all sorts of stuff. And I overhear some folks sitting next -- standing next to us talking about this *really great website*. It's "Radio Dee Tee Bee Dot Com". I'm like "wait a minute, that's *my* website. I listened to what he had to say a little bit and he was telling his friends about how great it was -- you could download the music -- and it really made me feel bad that I haven't put out a podcast in... *months*. But, you know, all the legal stuff -- that's the way it goes. So anyway, I chatted with the fellow a little bit -- his name's Jim -- and we had a nice little chat. He loves the blues stuff. He was telling me "I love podcast #19 and #16" and I'm trying to remember what was on each of those. It was just crazy, but I'm like... an, this is what I used to do when I go to shows -- go and tell people about the podcast. And now here I come to a show and like, I'm not even saying anything about it -- someone else is telling people about it. That just made me feel kinda special and it made me wish that I could still do the podcast. So, it'll give me a little incentive to get #20 out. We'll see what I can do -- maybe when I get back from this weekend's DTB stuff. I'm going to be all fired up anyway, so it'll be a lot of fun.

Well, anyway, this is Dr. Mellow signing out. Take care.”

Transcribed by: drmellow