April 9th, 2006


Derek Trucks Band

I just got back from seeing the DTB about a half hour ago, and I'm still pumped up about it. I didn't manage to snag a setlist, but we had a great, great time at the show. I think Kofi's really on fire this week. Both at the Raleigh show and at tonight's DC show, he was going crazy! Crazy to the extent that he had Derek laughing -- that's what this picture is. I ended up with about 50 pictures tonight, most of which are pretty usable. I took some time before the show tonight to read through the camera manual again and remind myself how to make some of the image adjustments that would be helpful in low light situations. For instance, I set the ISO to 1600 instead of the default 400. That really made it possible for me to capture some of the low-light shots much better. Maybe in the next few weeks, I'll go through and apply the mighty Photoshop Magic to some of them and see what I can come up with. Unlike the Raleigh show, where there weren't any tapers, tonight's show had several people taping. I expect that there will be some good renditions of the show available in the next few days -- it's definitely a show I'm going to grab. Seriously, just to hear Kofi working the crowd again will be worth it.