April 13th, 2006


Social Engineering A Police Officer

From Salon (watch the commercial to get free access), via Schneier on Security:
Smooth-talking escapee evades police

Woe is Carl Bordelon, a police officer for the town of Ball, La. His dashboard camera captured (below) his questioning of Richard Lee McNair, 47, on Wednesday. Earlier that same day, McNair had escaped from a federal penitentiary at nearby Pollock, La., reportedly hiding in a prison warehouse and sneaking out in a mail van. Bordelon, on the lookout, stopped McNair when he saw him running along some railroad tracks. What follows is a chillingly fascinating performance from McNair, who manages to remain fairly smooth and matter-of-fact while tripping up Bordelon. The officer notices that the guy matches the description of McNair -- who was serving a life sentence for killing a trucker at a grain elevator in Minot, N.D., in 1987 -- observes that he looked like he'd "been through a briar patch" and had to wonder why he would choose appalling heat (at least according to that temperature gauge in the police car) to go running, without any identification, ona dubious 12-mile run. But he doesn't notice when McNair changes his story -- he gives two different names (listen for it) -- and eventually, Bordelon bids him farewell, saying: "Be careful, buddy."McNair remains on the loose. (Note: Video is more than eight minutes long but worth it.)

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Check out the video. It's really interesting to watch this guy scam the cop. I kinda feel sorry to see this cop get scammed like this.


Someone brought in bagels to work today. That's awesome. I'll be going to give blood during lunchtime, so now I'm fortified with bagel goodness in preparation. And I've been drinking a lot of water yesterday and today, so hopefully the blood will flow freely.