April 25th, 2006


Cycling Update

I went bicycling again Sunday afternoon. It was a pretty quick ride -- only 38 minutes, and I covered 6.70 miles. It kept my average speed over 10 MPH, which is kind of a goal I have. I rode all the way from my house to the hospital near the Friendly Center and back. That included a few climbs, which let me really exercise all of the gears. The bike is shifting pretty well now -- I'm pleased. My rear brake has a squeak, so I think I'm going to have to take it back to the shop because they were supposed to keep that from happening when I had it in the shop last week. Looking at the brake, I think I know why it's squeaking -- one of the brake pads isn't centered on the rim very well and makes contact with the rubber tire as well as the rim. All three of my other pads are centered on the rim, so I'm pretty sure that's the problem. I still think I'm going to take it to the shop instead of trying to correct it myself -- I've only ridden twice since getting it back from the shop, and it's been squeaky both times and is getting worse. Plus, I don't want to mess with my brakes without knowing exactly what I'm doing. That's just a little bit dangerous, I think. I poked around the web a bit, and there are a lot of variables involved in adjusting bicycle brakes, so I'd just rather leave that to the professionals.

30 Minute Meals

I really enjoy watching Rachael Ray cook those thirty minute meals she cooks on Food TV. Now, whenever I try to duplicate something she does, it usually takes me more than thirty minutes, but that's because she's so much more efficient than I am -- a lot of her pots and pans are already ready to go before she starts. Also, I don't cut so well -- it always takes me longer to cut up vegetables than anyone else I know.

I also like how Rachael loves adding hot sauce to the things that she makes. Yummy!
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