July 21st, 2006


Boot Repair Via Duct Tape

A few weeks ago, I was going to go geocaching. When I went to put my boots on, the sole started to come apart from the heel. It wasn't just a minor separation, it was really coming off. Because the sole was glued, not stitched, it wasn't worth attempting a repair via the shoe repair shop.

Instead of throwing them away, last night, I pulled out my trusty roll of duct tape and repaired them myself. Until I wear off some of the tape from the bottom of the boot, it's a bit slippery -- I've removed most of the traction. But I think that if I wear the boots for a few days, it'll wear off to the point where it's OK.

Regardless, any further use I can get out of these boots keeps me from having to buy another pair soon.

After finishing the boot repair via duct tape, I asked yarbiedoll if there was anything else in the house that needing repairing. I think she was excited to hear my offer until I added "with duct tape." Apparently, there are no pressing duct tapable repairs to be made at Briarcliff right now.

Sweet Angel Of Music

Mark your calendars for some Halloween fun. On October 31 (Tuesday), the Carolina Theatre will be showing The Phantom Of The Opera -- the silent 1925 edition. Even more exciting, someone will be at the theatre to play the pipe organ to accompany the film! Every time we go to see a classic film downtown, they are always playing organ music before the film starts. I keep hoping to find a time that they will be performing on the organ live. When we went to see Gone With The Wind earlier this week, they announced that they would have an organist to accompany The Phantom Of The Opera in October. I'm really excited. Seriously -- how often do you have the opportunity to see a silent film in a restored historic theatre, with live musical accompaniment on a pipe organ? So far in my life, this is the only time I've known of such an opportunity. So I'm really excited.

If you're in the area, or can be, plan to join us for the film!