August 15th, 2006

flying monkey

NASA can't find original tape of moon landing

Hat tip to sidelobe for alerting me to this story:
NASA can't find original tape of moon landing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government has misplaced the original recording of the first moon landing, including astronaut Neil Armstrong's famous "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," a NASA spokesman said on Monday.

Armstrong's famous space walk, seen by millions of viewers on July 20, 1969, is among transmissions that NASA has failed to turn up in a year of searching, spokesman Grey Hautaloma said.

"We haven't seen them for quite a while. We've been looking for over a year and they haven't turned up," Hautaloma said.

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I'll tell you why they can't find the tapes. It's because we never went to the moon! It's all a massive government conspiracy. I'm not going to present the evidence about the conspiracy, you can look it up yourself -- it's all over teh internets. Now the government is claiming to have lost the "original" tapes. That's mighty convenient -- without access to the original tapes, it will continue to be difficult for those who are trying to prove the truth about the moon landing hoax.

Mighty convenient, I tell you.