October 10th, 2006


Google's Code Search Feature

Big hat tip to Bruce Schneier (bruce_schneier ) for writing about Google's Code Search Feature:
You can use it to find usernames and passwords, confidential code, buffer overflows, and all sorts of other things. (Another news story here.)
Obviously, this isn't Google's fault -- if you put code on the internet, expect people to find it. Yes, it's a lot easier to find now with this tool from Google. As one commenter in Schneier's blog points out: "Essentially, this will force a massive audit of existing internet code." The list at kottke.org is an interesting list of things that people are finding with this tool.

Here's Johnny........!!!!

Tonight is The Shining at the Carolina Theatre in downtown Greensboro. This is one of the films I've been especially looking forward to seeing on the big screen.

Anyone want to join yarbiedoll and me for supper before the movie and then the movie afterwards?

One Night with the King

I just saw a commercial for One Night with the King. I'm watching the commercial thinking "Is this the story of Esther?" A little poking on the web confirmed that it is. I'm hoping it turns out good -- I've always thought that Esther would make a good movie, so I've got my fingers crossed. Plus, it's got Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif in it, so I'm hopeful.