March 3rd, 2007


Cruise: Days One and Two

Allrighty -- it's time that I finally started posting about the cruise I went on a few weeks ago. ccohoon summed it up well when he said:
My mother is awesome. At the end of last year she decided that she wanted to go n a cruise. Not only that, but she decided it would be a lot of fun if the entire family went on the same cruise. Being a smart woman, she knew that in order to make it happen she would have to make it easy. So she came to us with a deal. If we could get the vacation time, she would flip the bill for the cruise. Like I said, she’s awesome.
So we ended up going on a great cruise: my parents, ccohoon, olga_ukraine, yarbiedoll, and me.

I wrote LJ entries while we were cruising -- I just couldn't upload them. I'm finally getting around to doing that now. It'll still probably take me a few days to put them all up, as I'm doing minor editing as I go. Pictures will be coming even later.

On to the tales....

So here I am, firing up my laptop for the first time since getting on the ship yesterday. Since I won't be posting these until I get back to land, I figure that I'll try to keep running entries of what we're doing on the trip each day. Maybe I'll have better luck remembering everything.

Yesterday, we boarded the ship in Charleston, SC. We started sailing south. It was great to meet up with the family and have supper together. We spent most of our free time exploring the ship.

Today, we did lots of stuff. We're at sea until Tuesday (it's Sunday today), so it was all hanging out around the ship.

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Cruise: Day One, Continued

OK, I didn't write more last night. We ended up playing the bean game until 0100 and I was bushed when I got back to the cabin, so I just went to bed. It's about 0730 on Monday right now. I'm waiting for yarbiedoll to finish getting ready for breakfast, so I figure I'll take a few minutes to write a little more. The ship is really rocking, it's pretty cool.

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