April 10th, 2008

running - shoes


After a month off, I've run a couple of times the past week. Saturday was the 10k Bridge Run in Charleston. I'll write more on that later. This morning was a 2.5 mile run in my neighborhood. I ran it too fast, which is why I cut it short at 2.5 instead of going for 3.5 or so.

I felt I was running too fast most of the run, but it was confirmed when I finished and Tiger Woods told me that I had run my fastest mile. Somehow, I managed my fastest mile here.

Sermon Preparation

Tonight's Goal: Finish writing the sermon for Sunday. Honestly, I've barely started. Well, I have a skeleton, so....

It's going to be hard to stick to my task of sermon-writing when there are a handful of other things to distract me: the dishes, laundry, picking up general clutter, going through paperwork on my desk, writing LJ entries about work, writing LJ entries about running, going out and do some running, mow the lawn...

...plus, I'd really like to spend some time playing that Tele I bought earlier this afternoon.