April 17th, 2008

Stained Glass - Teaching

Sermon: Don't Shoot The Messenger

My sermon this past weekend went well. My parents came to visit for the weekend, which was great. A few people who don't normally attend the Praise and Worship service came so that they could hear me preach. I was only a little nervous -- I'm used to speaking in front of people, so that wasn't a big deal. Most of my anxiousness stemmed from the fact that I had only completed writing the sermon a few days prior to delivering it. I would have liked to have had more time to let it marinate before delivery. Well, that's my own fault, and there's always next month's sermon to improve on that.

Here's the sermon as prepared. I went off-text a few times, but I mostly stuck to it. I left the section headings in the text, but I obviously didn't say them when I delivered the sermon.

Don't Shoot The Messenger
prepared by Greg Cohoon for delivery on April 13, 2008
Mount Pisgah UMC Praise & Worship Service

Scripture: Luke 4:16-30

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