January 8th, 2011


Book Review: "once bitten" by Stephen Leather

once bittenHere's a copy of the review I posted on GoodReads.com and amazon.com.

I won a copy of this eBook from the "Free Books for Kindle" blog. I liked it. It's a fine book, it kept my interest well, and it kept me turning the pages such that I finished it in two days. Generally, the pacing is on track to progress the story at an enjoyable clip. There are, however, a few times (notably the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" scene) where the good narrative flow is derailed by unnecessary description. I loved the first person point-of-view choice, telling the story from the main character's perspective. That helped give the story a feeling that reminded me of an old detective story. It also allowed the plot and backstory to reveal itself in a natural way that flowed very well. I also liked the fact that the main character was a psychologist working with the police instead of a police officer/detective or private investigator. This allowed the story to go where it needed to go in terms of detective work and romantic interest without much extra entanglement.

I haven't read much in the vampire genre. (I think Stoker's "Dracula" might be the only vampire book I've ever read.) Having said that, this story seems to have a different take on vampire mythology, and the author does a good job of presenting his "vampire universe" rules and staying consistent within that universe.

Although it was a fun read, it's probably not a book I'll re-read. It was good enough that I will probably check out another of the author's books when my "to-read" stack starts to get low.