November 4th, 2012


The Glorious Return Of Standard Time

This is a (slightly edited) repost of a post that I made two years ago.

Thank the heavens we are finally back on Standard Time! The horror that it DST seems to run longer and longer each year. The preciousness that is Standard Time seems shorter and shorter with each passing year. Cherish the next several months knowing that Standard Time is the time God intended. Throughout history, there has only been one legitimate time to fiddle with your clocks: that is the event chronicled in the Bible, Joshua 10:1-15, where God stopped the sun in order for the Israelites to be able to have more time to fight and destroy the Amorites. OK, if the laws of nature are suspended, I can get behind changing your clock. But if we're asked to change our clocks as a hold over from when some greedy New York bankers wanted to be able to engage in arbitrage and take advantage of changing market prices between the European markets and the US markets, I simply can't get behind that.

DST is a lie, and remember that a lie agreed upon is not the truth.

DST kills. Read through my previous entries about DST to see proof about how deadly DST is.

For those of you who enjoyed your "extra" hour last night, go ahead and start preparing for when the government takes that hour right back away from you next spring.

Remember, when I'm elected president (vote for me on Tuesday!), I will eliminate this vile lie once and for all. It's time we stood up for what's right.

DST: It's bad for your health, it's bad for our country.
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Dr. Mellow's Guide To Voting

Every year since 2006, when I posted my first election guide, I try to do my best to inform the readers of my blog on the very important things to keep in mind when it's time to vote. This year is no different!

The US election is Tuesday. If you didn't know that, this guide is for you. Many places allow early voting, so you may have already voted. Is so, good for you! You're probably somewhat informed. You don't need this guide this year, but you may want to read it to keep in mind for future years.

The most important thing to remember when voting for President of the US is to vote for me! Just write me in. I have exactly one plank on my platform: the elimination of Daylight Saving Time. DST is evil, it is responsible for unnecessary deaths every years, and it must be destroyed. DST: It's bad for your health, it's bad for our country.

After voting for me, if you've got questions on how to vote in the other races, this guide is here to help. It's applicable for every jurisdiction. It might even be applicable internationally, but I make no guarantees about that.

So, here it is, my (slightly edited) original guide to voting:

Don't forget that in the US, Tuesday is Election Day. Make your voice be heard. Go vote. If you're an informed citizen and have already carefully chosen how you will vote, then I applaud you.

But what to do if you've made it all the way to Election Day and you haven't bothered to inform yourself about the issues and the candidates, or if you simply aren't sure how you should vote on a given issue or candidate? Then you're the person for whom I'm writing up this handy election guide.

First, don't worry if you're uninformed -- most Americans are completely uninformed, but that doesn't stop a lot some of them from voting! Why should you be any different? Such a small percentage of people come out to vote, anyway, so it keeps politicians on their toes when uninformed voters show up and vote in unpredictable ways. The important thing is to show up and vote.

If you can spare just a little bit of time to research the candidates, your vote will be much more effective. Now, when I say "research," I'm not talking about finding all the information about where a candidate stands on various issues. I'm not even talking about finding out what the party affiliation is for any candidate. All I'm talking about is determining which candidates are incumbents -- that is, which candidates are currently holding office. Once you determine that, be sure not to vote for any incumbents. I don't care how good you might think your current representative is, the fact is that all government stinks, at every level, and the easiest way to change that is get everyone who's currently in office out.

What if you don't want to do the research to determine who's the incumbent? That's OK, too -- you still have two different methods you can choose to systematically make an uninformed decision. The first method involves voting "party line" or "straight ticket" and is very popular. The idea is to decide which of the two major political parties you hate the most and to vote for candidates that belong to the other party. Personally, I don't see much difference between the Republicrats and the Democans, so I'm not really sure how to advise you on choosing which party to vote against. I'm told that one of the parties likes to raise taxes to make sure that everyone is poor and the other party likes to poison the environment. *shrug* I guess you could just flip a coin to determine which party to vote against if you wanted to. The second method you can use to systematically make an uninformed vote is to always vote against both major parties. There are lots of third-party candidates out there, and they're all equally as crazy, so you pretty much can't go wrong with them. The disadvantage of this technique is that not all races include third-party candidates, so you might have to resort to a different method of casting your vote.

Often, you have the opportunity for a complete wild-card vote -- the write-in option. This option allows you to cast your vote for someone who did not care enough about running for office to actually file any election-related material. Write-in candidates rarely win, but choosing to cast a write-in vote allows you to have a little fun -- you can write in your own name, or the name of one of your friends, for example. As a bonus, the election counters really get a kick out of keeping up with all of the various people who get written in, so if you decide to cast a write-in vote, you might just make some government worker's day a little brighter.

The other decision you might have to make is how to vote on bond issues. This one is easy -- always vote "NO" on any bond issue. The reason to always vote "NO" is because bond issues always result in raising your taxes. No one wants higher taxes, so no one should vote for a bond. Actually, there is an exception to this rule. The taxes that are affected by bond issues are property taxes, so if you don't own real estate (if you rent an apartment, e.g.), your taxes wouldn't be raised by bond issues passing, so it's OK to vote "YES" on a bond issue if you want -- since you're not paying property taxes, you don't care if they get raised. It's not like it affects your rent or anything.

OK, Dr. Mellow's Guide To Voting turned out to be a little more complicated than I thought it would when I started writing it. So if all of this is still too confusing or complicated, you can always just go vote randomly. Choose people who have funny sounding names. Make it so that the marks on your ballot are in pretty designs. Whatever works for you, just be sure to vote.

Or, you can stay home like most people are going to do today anyway.