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Best. Show. Ever!

Far and away, this was the best Hayseed Dixie show I've seen to date. We talked with the guys from the band a little before and after the show and they were appreciative to see us there. Plus, they are just plain fun to talk with. We met up with our new friend again. She told us that the recording of the Raleigh show sounded pretty good -- I'm really looking forward to hearing it. She's not sure if tonight's taping went well or not. We'll just have to wait and see.

When the band got to the "Lunch Songs" portion of the set, John used Mrs. Mellow's suggestion of "Lunch In An Elevator." That was really cool. Don Wayne kept breaking his banjo strings. After the show, I got him to give me one of his broken strings. I'm such a geek.

It's going to be too long before they come back to North Carolina, I fear.

Anyway, we're back home safe. My Sunday School lesson is in the bag. I got an hour of my life back 'cause of that whole clock changing stuff, but it's still late and I'm tired. So off to bed I go....

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