Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Derek Trucks Band

Mrs. Mellow first introduced me to the music of Derek Trucks a few years ago when we went to see him as part of The Allman Brothers Band. This 24-year old kid is amazing. When you hear about people who can make guitars talk, they're talking about Trucks. A few months ago, I heard a piece about him on NPR.

Anyway, he's playing in Raleigh on Saturday night. I was thinking about going to that show, but I'm really too busy this weekend to go to Raleigh. So I was really happy to see that he's going to be in Winston-Salem at Ziggy's on Thursday of next week. So I'm planning on heading out to the show. I've seen him several times with The Allman Brothers Band, but this'll be the first time I've seen him solo. I've been listening to some of his shows that you can download (free and legally) from The Live Music Archive. I quite dig him and am excited about going to see him next week.

A few months ago, I had signed up to be on the "DTB Street Team." That means I would print out flyers and help promote the band when they're playing locally. I'll be putting up some flyers this weekend. As a bonus, part of being on the "DTB Street Team" scored me a free ticket to the show next week! Cool bonus. I was planning on paying for it anyway, but it'll be nice to get in for free.

If you're in the Winston-Salem area, you should definitely come out to the show next week.

Hrm, David Allan Coe is going to be at Ziggy's next Friday....


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