Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

drmellow: Meme Lemming

Really, I'm not a lemming. I don't get caught up in all of these LJ quizzes and other memes.

OK. Sometimes I do. Especially when they're egotistical. This one's stolen from asqmh. It's nice and viral -- to participate, I really have to suck others into participating, too. So, if you don't mind answering the questions, do so in the comments to this entry. Or, if you don't want to answer them in the comments, consider e-mailing me your answers.

1. How did you first find my journal?
2. Why did you originally decide to friend me?
3. What's your favourite part of my journal?
4. What's your least favourite part of my journal?
5. Ask me a question. Be as random as you want.
6. Recommend a band to me. I'm curious what you think I should be listening to.

I'll combine this meme with another popular one -- the one where everyone asks everyone else questions -- and promise to answer the same six questions for anyone who wants me to. Either as a response to a comment you make on this post, in a private email message, or as a comment to a post you make in your journal celebrating this meme. If you're interested in my answering the questions for you, let me know when you answer them for me.

Oy. I feel like that stereotypical pre-teen girl who posts about what boys she likes and what teachers she hates in her blog. Oh, well.

This post brought to you by the little devil sitting on my shoulder helping me think of ways to procrastinate from my NaNoWriMo work. And the number "3."

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