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One of my buddies loves DVDs and has an extensive collection of them. OK, several of my buddies are like that. mlsmithjr, however, decided to write some software to help keep his collection organized. He just recently finished his first public version of it, and it's really good. He has versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux available. It's a really cool piece of software. If you want software for organizing your DVDs, this is a good program to check out.

The coolest part of the program is that it also acts as a front-end to You can search for movies at amazon and add them to your collection. The software automatically adds information about the DVD, like the cast and any "easter eggs," to your collection. You can also use the software to sell your used DVDs in the amazon shops, or to buy new DVDs that you find via the searches.

All in all, it's a pretty nifty piece of software. You should go download it now.

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