Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Pager Duty

Yay! I've got the pager again! <-- sarcasm

We changed pager rotation from a Friday to Friday stint to a Tuesday to Tuesday stint. The lucky person before me got off with a short Friday to Tuesday stint while we made the switchover, but from what I heard about the holiday weekend support, she probably did a week's worth of pager support over the weekend, anyway. Moving to a Tuesday hand-off is a good thing, I think. Notably, it means that when I get the pager, I'll have a few days during the week to be able to lean on other people in the office before being thrown to the wild, uncharted land known as Weekend Support.

This morning, at about 05:30, I received a page because our software was reporting an error communicating with another piece of software. I came into the office (still don't have VPN set up on my Macintosh) to check it out. In fact, the other piece of software was "down" -- it could not be reached by other software. I.e., our software was behaving properly and reporting a problem with the other software. Yet, we're still the ones who get called. It's a "shoot the messenger" mentality, I think.

Well, the good news is that I'm up and awake and productively working earlier in the day than I usually am. I enjoy the world of around 06:00, even though I don't see it much. Perhaps I'll have to start adjusting my sleep schedule to intentionally see more of the world at this time.

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