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Shane's: 38%

It's been a good day so far.

I got up this morning and headed out for my morning shotgun shooting outing with some of my buddies: repast, drjekyll, and beeler. Doing a clays course is a lot more enjoyable in the cold than it is in the heat.

Shane's has modified their course now. Instead of 13 stations and instructions for hitting each station, they've now added a 14th station and created two courses. That made it pretty cool, actually. There's more shooting at each station now. Of course, we only visited half the stations. So, we'll just have to visit the other half next time. If you want to visit all the stations, you can do the 100 target course. We just did the 50 target course, and did the first seven stations.

All told, I hit a total of 19 targets, which put me at 38%. Looking over the score card, I was really happy to see that I broke at least one clay at each of the stations. Station 4 was my best station, where I hit 5 out of the 8 clays.

Looking at my calendar indicates that today will be the last day I'll have a chance to go out and hit some clays this year. Next year, I'm going to try and make it out at least once a month.

After spending the time at Shane's, repast and beeler and I went to Elizabeth's for a yummy lunch. We split an order of calamari and I had yummy stromboli. After lunch, we all went our separate ways and I picked up a Christmas present for my grandfather.

As far as the rest of today goes, I've go my Sunday School class Christmas party that I'll be going to in a few hours, then it's back home to finish up tomorrow's lesson.

I see the weather is threatening nastiness overnight, but I'm still planning on heading out to Chapel Hill to hear Kickin Grass tomorrow afternoon.


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Dec. 13th, 2003 03:04 pm (UTC)
I had a blast--thank you for getting the outing off the ground. I'm ashamed to report that I got no pictures of you shooting. grrr how did that happen. oh well, next time....
Dec. 13th, 2003 06:29 pm (UTC)
It was loads of fun -- glad you brought it up that we haven't been in a while. No biggie about the pictures -- we'll just have to get one of me next time. I hope the ones I took of you came out OK.
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