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The writing from Season One of NYPD Blue is just as good as I remember it to be. Wow, look -- there's the doctor from ER who was Anthony Edwards' character's love interest. Not only did I forget her name (initials are S. S., I believe (OK, I looked it up 'cause I like putting lots of links in my posts, she's Sherry Stringfield)), but I forgot that she was on the show. Maybe I'll see David Schwimmer, too!

I really miss David Caruso on NYPD Blue and am still upset that he left the show. Oh yeah, Jade was such a great vehicle for his career. I make fun of my friends who can't separate the art from the artist (people who won't watch The West Wing because Martin Sheen is such a big liberal activist, e.g.) but David Caruso still rubs me the wrong way for the power grab he made almost a decade ago. For that reason, I still have a hard time watching a great TV show that I would otherwise enjoy, CSI: Miami.

So everyone can laugh at me now.

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