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Mars Landing

It's really cool that we landed on Mars, especially since we did it so close to the planned landing site (within 200 meters of the planned landing site, with zero need for course correction in the final eight days of flight). I wish I had more time to really read some of the articles about it, but in the mean time, I'm making myself content with the hit-and-miss I've been getting so far. At least Fox & Friends covered it this morning, so I was able to get a pretty good summary as I was brushing my teeth this morning.

One of the things I really enjoyed looking at was today's Astronomy Picture of the Day (syndicated as apod (But beware, wit certain styles, adding apod as a "friend" may hijack your "friends page.")), which today shows a really cool 360 degree panamora of the Martian surface. It's a black and white photo; I heard on the news this morning that color photos should be coming out tomorrow.

brad has a few choice excerpts from a NASA piece describing the landing, including:
To land in a precise location on Mars after traveling over 300 million miles, navigators at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) had to overcome the head-spinning challenges of calculating the exact speeds of a rotating Earth, a rotating Mars, and a rotating spacecraft, while they all simultaneously are spinning in their own radical orbits around the Sun.
Now, that's a lot of math!

Space exploration is extremely cool.

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