Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Derek Trucks shows

The Derek Trucks Band is coming back to North Carolina later this month. According to Pollstar, they'll be in Asheville, NC at The Orange Peel on Wednesday, January 28.

Let's see, my house to Asheville is only about 175 miles, or 3 hours of driving. The show's at nine, with doors at eight. OK, I could leave right after work and get there on time. It doesn't say anything about an opening act, but maybe they'll have one and dTb won't hit the stage 'till 10:30. If they play for two or two and a half hours, that'll be about what they normally do, which might put them leaving the stage at about one in the morning, which would put me back home sometime around four in the morning. If there's no opening act, I'll likely be home even sooner. After a three hour nap, I'd be ready for work again. Yeah, I might could swing that. I don't know, though -- it is pushing the limits a little bit. Anyone want to go to the show, too? Some company for the show might be enough to push me over the edge and definitely decide to go, but I'll likely remain undecided on the question of my attendance until closer to show time.

The show I went to with Mrs. Mellow, sidelobe, beeler, and reba_quate over New Year's Eve was great. Thanks to the tapers who recorded the show, it's now available as a free and legal download. Sahib Teri Basi and Isis were amazing at the show. And it was great to hear Susan Tedeschi join in for the last handful of songs. The band was into it. The crowd was into it. It was quite simply a great, great show.

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