Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Early Mornings and Camping

Once again, I'm up too early. I suspect I'll stay at work too late.

Walking outside this morning again reminded me how much I enjoy camping, especially cold-weather camping. The sun wasn't up yet. It was quiet and still. Chipping the ice from the car seemed to make the loudest sounds I've ever heard. What I really wanted to do was start a fire, pull a chair up to it, and enjoy a cup of coffee or two.

Instead, I drove in to work (the roads are still terrible, but better than they were yesterday), powered on my computer, pulled a chair up to it, and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate while typing this journal entry. I'm now about to embark on my unrelenting quest to conquer this piece of code with which I struggle.

BTW, I'm really glad that we got the car with all-wheel drive. I've heard stories of people spending an hour trying to get out of our parking lot at the townhouse. I was able to just put the car in drive and go.

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