Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
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Greg's Mandolin
I've found a new favorite website: Mandolin Cafe. It's got all sorts of mandolin-related information there, including some lessons that I think I'm going to try to work through.

My super-cool brother, ccohoon, gave me a mandolin for my birthday/Christmas present last year. I'm really excited about learning how to play it. Mrs. Mellow got me a cool book called Bluegrass Mandolin from the same series of the Bluegrass Guitar book we picked up a few months ago. A few weeks ago, I contacted a local mandolin teacher about taking lessons. He's all full right now, but thinks he might have something open up soon. If he does, I'm going to jump on it. A year or so of lessons from someone better than me will go a long, long way towards making me proficient.

My mandolin needs a name. So I turn to you, my trusty readers, with a poll to help me solve my dilemma. This entry includes a photograph of my mandolin. It's a pretty, pear shaped Washburn with a beautiful pattern.

As always, use the comments to back up your suggestion.

Poll #243937 Name Greg's Mandolin

What should I name my mandolin?


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