Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

drmellow's Reading Project: 2004

One of the few New Year's Resolutions I made this year is to read more books. In general, I do quite a bit of reading, but most of it is on the web or periodicals. This year, I've challenged myself to the very attainable goal of reading at least one book a month. So far, I'm ahead of schedule, having completed three books this year. I'm trying to strike a balance between "fun" books and "educational" books. So far, I'm favoring the "fun" books, but that's OK.

In January, I read The Gospel According to the Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the World's Most Animated Family, which was a very enjoyable book. I'm considering volunteering to teach a course based around it at church. It's something that a lot of the youth in church might get a kick out of. It was also something that's enjoyable for adults. If you're a fan of religion in pop culture, I highly recommend the book.

Also, in January, I read Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. It was pure pulp, but highly entertaining. Sure, I had to disengage my brain more than once while reading it, but it was a welcome change to read something like that and not spend a lot of time thinking about it or mentally arguing with it. As far as some of the theological implications brought up -- let's not even go there. It was one of those books that I literally could not put down. I ended up spending almost all of one Saturday reading the book.

For February, I moved on to The Da Vinci Code, also by Dan Brown. It's the reason I read Angels & Demons last month -- they both have the same main character. I've been hearing a lot about The Da Vinci Code and figured I'd check it out. Apart from the heresy, it was OK. As a book, it was somewhat engrossing, but I kept finding myself distracted by the theological issues.

Anyway, I'm not finished with the second month of the year, and I've already got three books under my belt. I'm currently reading Daredevil: Visionaries Volume 2 (even though it's a collection of comic books, I'm going to count it). I'm thoroughly enjoying it -- it's Frank Miller's run on the book in the early eighties where he kills off Elecktra.

I'll probably move into another theological book or perhaps an american history book next. I also think that I'm going to set up a book review section on my website.

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