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Awarding Points

In an earlier entry, I promised that I'd be awarding points for correct answers to the question "Why Does The Sun Shine?" Well, the answers came in and I'm ready to award the points. Almost everyone who answered is being awarded something.

At the time I wrote the entry, I was very much enjoying listening to They Might Be Giants sing all about how the sun is a mas of incandescent gas, so people whose answers referenced that tended to get a bonus point. With the notable exception of bartacus, everyone who answered the question got a point.

Who Got Points? How Many? Why?
seraphimsigrist 1 point I hadn't considered the polishing possibility.
drjekyll 1 bonus point For being the first person to recognize I was inspired by the They Might Be Giants song.
ccohoon 1 bonus point For expanding on drjekyll's answer and also blaming the monkeys.
didymos 1 bonus point For expanding on the whole They Might Be Giants motif and bringing in new information about alternate lyrics.
asqmh 1 point For attempting a real scientific answer.
meep 1 point and 1 bonus point For teaching me more science than I anticipated learning with this question.
sidelobe 1 point and 1 bonus point For a great mix of science and song. And for teaching me that it's not a They Might Be Giants Song originally.

bartacus does not get any points because he brought out the ghost of Karen Carpenter and it frightened me.

Remember to keep track of your points and redeem them for valuable prizes at the end of the game.

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