Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Happy Nuptials!

Saturday, I went to a beautiful wedding for one of my coworkers and his new bride. It was a small wedding held at the bride's parent's house. It really was nice. I knew many of the guests, because they were people from the office and their spouses. It struck me that this is one of the great things about where I work -- we all care about each other outside of the office.

This was even more apparent after the band had finished playing. The groom had told several of us that the band would have to leave early and asked if we would play a song or two after the band was done playing. It was really neat to see different people from the office joining together to make some music. The groom also ended up playing with everyone, which was pretty cool. One of the neatest things was when the groom and his two teen-age children played a song -- the groom on guitar and vocals, and his children on trumpet and saxophone. It was beautiful.

Then it was our turn. One of my coworkers had previously asked me if I could play my trumpet on Ring Of Fire with him and his wife. I said that I probably could. We kept putting off getting together to practice. We finally got together Friday night. Mrs. Mellow and I went over to their house. I took my trumpet and my mandolin. Mrs. Mellow brought her flute. We started practicing. It didn't sound very good with my trumpet. So I put it down and picked up my mandolin. Mrs. Mellow played the trumpet part on her flute. It sounded really pretty. We practiced for a bit and were looking forward to playing it. Well, after hearing the groom and his children play, we weren't as excited -- they were really good.

We got up and played anyway and had a great time. After playing Ring Of Fire as planned, we jumped into some unplanned playing: Angel From Montgomery and Burn My Stillhouse Down. I didn't know the chord progressions for those songs and couldn't see the crib sheet very well. But I was able to watch the guitars and mostly keep up with the progression.

It was lots of fun. I think Mrs. Mellow and I are going to start hanging out with our buddies some more and see what other songs we can work up. A guitar, a mandolin, a flute, and a few vocals makes for a nice sounding group.

Working with the same people that I can hang out and play music with is a great blessing for me. It's another example of what makes our office such an effective office and a great place to work.

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