Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

I'm the Lonely Avenger....

Last night was the Derek Trucks Band show in Raleigh. Wow. Last night's show definitely competes with the New Years Eve show in Charlotte for pure quality and fun. The band was in a tight groove, swapping licks with ease. The crowd was really into it. All in all, it was just pure fun. The band had been on a two or three week break (Derek had another gig in New York with his other band last week) and you could really tell that the were rested and ready to go. They played two extremely tight sets.

I ran into Mark at the show, who's a taper, and he told me that the quality of the show he got tonight was excellent. It should be available at the Live Music Archive for download (free and legal) by the end of the weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

After the show, I hung around the bus like an autograph hound with about ten other fans. I didn't get to see Derek, but I had a chance to chat with Todd for a bit and say hi to Mike. They both seem really happy to chat with the fans -- Mike even seemed embarrassed that people were making so much trouble over him. I go both of them to autograph my guitar's pickguard. Hopefully, when I see the band on subsequent concerts, I'll be able to collect the rest of the signatures.

It was about 2:30 this morning before I headed to bed. I'm still tired.

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