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"Pinestraw Art"

I'm sick. It's allergies, I'm sure. I'm taking allergy medication that alternatively keeps me konked out asleep, or seems to keep me from being able to sleep. My head is either completely stuffed or completely dry. My eyes itch. Etc. etc. etc.

It's so bad that the only reason I went to work yesterday was because I had a couple of meetings that I really felt I needed to attend. Same with today -- I was out of the office by lunchtime and slept through the afternoon. I woke up feeling well enough to attend my mandolin lesson and eat supper, but didn't feel well enough to go to Holy Week reading services tonight. Instead, I came home to go to sleep, only to be unable to fall asleep. My lung capacity is shot -- I get winded walking up and down stairs. I haven't been able to practice my trumpet since Sunday. My ears ache. My joints ache. I cough, and the only thing it does is make my head hurt. It's no fun being me.

It's a good thing that James Lipton has found success with that Inside The Actor's Studio gig. I still don't really understand why people go on that show.

So, anyway, I've been taking advantage of my sleeplessness and general inability to move around to catch up on my email. My inbox has been holding steady at about 50 messages for a few months. I'd like to clear it. This post is designed to clear an email that's been sitting in my inbox since October 21 of last year. It all happened at the last catt reunion -- I was fiddling with some pine straw on one of the picnic tables and created some art with it. I titled it Pinestraw Art. smerp captured this wonderful piece of art via the glories of digital photography. As a bonus, the artist (that's me) proudly poses behind his work.

Sadly, Pinestraw Art did not survive past the reunion. This photo is the only evidence of my artistic genius.

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