Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Badger Linux, Histamines

Since my allergies are keeping me inside today, instead of participating in either of two two things I'd rather be doing (attending the annual family reunion in Gum Neck or shooting clays with some of my buddies), I'll take this opportunity to marvel at instructions for installing linux on a dead badger.

FWIW, I've switched from Benadryl, which does a fine job of combatting my allergies but has the tendency to turn me into a zombie of drowsiness several hours after taking it, to generic Claritin, which is advertised as being non-drowsy. Today was my first day of being on generic Claritin. The allergy-fighting powers of generic Claritin seem to be fine with me. The jury's still out on the drowsiness factor. I've still been somewhat zombie-like today, but that very well may be residual from my almost two weeks of attempting to battle my allergies with sleep-inducing Benadryl and the fact that I'm coming off a tougher-than-average week at work.

I had a fairly reasonable list of things I wanted to accomplish today, but I fear that the only thing I will be able to check off the list is preparing tomorrow's Sunday School lesson. I'm still spending most of the day on the couch drifting in and out of sleep.

I have also decided that if I ever run for public office (and were to completely abandon my conservative principles of how government should operate), it very well may be on an anti-histamine platform. Earlier in the week, Mrs. Mellow and sidelobe tried to convince me that histamines are indeed necessary, but the only thing I'm seeing is that when I take drugs that are anti-histamines, I'm a much healthier person. Therefore, histamines must be evil and the government should do everything possible to eradicate them.

Tags: drmellow for president

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