Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Happy Derby Day

Today's the Kentucky Derby.

It looks like today's race will be really fun to watch. It's currently pouring down rain at Churchill Downs and the track is what they call "sloppy."

I really don't know much about thoroughbred horse racing. Essentially everything I know, I learned as a tourist at Churchill Downs a few years ago. I'll typically watch the Kentucky Derby and enjoy the spectacle. I think with today's muddy track, it'll be even more fun to watch than usual.

On an interesting note, it seems that this year is the first year that jockeys at the Kentucky Derby are allowed to wear advertising on their trousers. I think I might have to look up some more information on this aspect of the story -- it sounds like there can be a lot of interesting angles to this story.

For all of the Americans reading my blog, you can watch the Derby on NBC at 5pm Eastern.

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