Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Pickin' In The Park

Tomorrow is the 7th Annual Pickin' In The Park at Hagan-Stone Park in Pleasant Garden, NC (a few miles south of Greensboro). The event is sponsored by High Lonesome Strings, a group of Bluegrass musicians and fans who get together to celebrate Bluegrass music.

Pickin' In The Park is free event and there will be workshops (banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle, song writing & recording techniques), informal jam sessions, children's storytelling, as well as at least eight bluegrass bands playing on the main stage. For those interested in camping, both tent and RV camping is available.

I'm bringing my mandolin and guitar and really looking forward to having a great time.

Hagan-Stone Park is located at 5920 Hagan-Stone Park Road in Pleasant Garden, NC (6.7 miles south of I-40/I-85, off Hwy. 421).

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