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Finally, I Went Geocaching Again

I did some geocaching this weekend and tonight. Friday evening, I found Two Trees at Hagan-Stone by myself. This evening I found Night Stalker with Mrs. Mellow and sidelobe. It was lots of fun.

Friday night, I was at Hagan-Stone Park for the 7th Annual High Lonesome Strings Pickin' In The Park. I got in Friday night, with enough time to go searching for the nearby cache. It was a pretty easy find, but I ended up doing more bushwhacking than I needed to. As I was finishing, a couple of hikers came across me. I introduced them to the sport and gave them a lift back to the RV campsite when we got back to the trail head.

Tonight's cache was lots of fun, too. It was the first time I hunted a night cache. We traipsed through the woods with flashlights, looking for reflectors. This cache was pretty easy to find at night, but would have been a bit more difficult during the day. Our flashlights attracted about a bazillion bugs. After putting the cache back in order, we all headed down another short trail to the edge of the lake and stood around enjoying the cool breeze on a warm night, listening to frogs and fishies.

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