Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Sotherby's to Sell Belongings of Johnny Cash

According to Reuters, Johnny Cash's stuff is up for sale:
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Sotheby's will auction possessions of country singer Johnny Cash, including a black pickup truck and black fringed suede jacket that belonged to the late star known as "The Man in Black," the auction house said on Thursday.
Even his custom Martin guitar is going up on the block:
The more than 50 instruments include a piano, banjos, harmonicas, guitar picks and a custom Martin guitar, appropriately colored black, designed for Cash, who died at age 71 in September 2003.
It would be so awesome to be able to have Johnny's Martin, but I couldn't even afford a custom Martin like that if it weren't a celebrity guitar. (Last I heard, the guitar was valued at about $15,000.) They say that they're selling his guitar picks; maybe I could afford one of them. I bet they won't sell the picks one at a time, though. Instead, they'll bundle them with more expensive items that I couldn't afford to buy. I tried to get one of his harmonicas when I saw him perform, but I wasn't close enough to the stage. He had a habit of handing out his harmonicas to audience members after playing Orange Blossom Special, and I hoped to get one of them one of the times I saw him, but it never worked out.

According to 1010 WINS, they're even going to auction off seven of his Grammy Awards (ranging in value from $5,000 to $10,000). Those belong in a museum and I hope they end up in a museum. OK, I guess his guitar might belong in a museum, too. No, not really -- someone can still make music with the guitar. The Grammys are just good for looking at.

I'll be closely watching this story as it develops. I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan and still do some maintenance on the first Johnny Cash website, originally created when I was in college. Before the 'Net was big, my pages were the only place you could go online to get Johnny Cash info. I even used to get "inside information" in the form of e-mail from one of Johnny Cash's daughters that I kept on the site.

Thanks to Google News Alerts for pointing out the article.

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